Go to http://www.blm.gov/lr2000/

On the left side click on Run Reports

Select Pub MC Geo Report  (or other report)

Check Meridian Township Range Section

Check Geo State

Click on Select Criteria

Click on Set Admin State and select from the list that pops up (this would be Oregon for claims in Washington State)

Click on Set Meridian Township Range Section

Fill in info: For WA, OR, and CA, choose Willamette Meridian. Enter township number, choose Any for fraction, and choose the correct direction from the drop-down list. Enter range number , choose Any for fraction, and choose correct direction from drop-down list. Enter section number.

Click on Add to MTR List

Click on Set Case Disposition and select one of the choices here.

Click on Select All 

Select Set Geo State

Click on correct State

Select Run Report

Your search criteria will pop up. Verify everything is correct, then select OK.

A new page will open in your browser. From here, you can print, download to a spreadsheet, download as a .pdf, and view claimant information using the buttons at the top. For printing, be sure to select the landscape setting on your printer.